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What To Do In Asheville + Black Mountain

The week before Christmas my boyfriend and I spent a few days in Asheville to celebrate my graduation and enjoy some time together. We stayed at the cutest little Airbnb in Swannanoa, NC which was perfectly between Asheville and Black Mountain so we were able to enjoy both!

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Anniversary Weekend in Atlanta

Jon and I celebrated three years together on June 12th! Time really does fly when you are having fun.

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My NYC at Christmas Experience

I spent the days leading up to Christmas in New York City. It was incredible.

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Anniversary Weekend in North Carolina

Y’all, last week I celebrated my two year anniversary with Jon!

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A Day in Chattanooga

When Jon and I first started dating (literally it was date 3) he took me on the cutest date ever. You can read about it here! It’s a memory I will always cherish, and I think it was this date that really won my friends over to his side.

Jon took me on another surprise date for my birthday yesterday. If we’re honest this date could be the new #1.


Traveling to London with April

I’ve been bit by the travel bug lately. My next planned trip isn’t until December, but I am dying to hop on an airplane asap.

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Welcome to New York: Grand Finale

On Wednesday morning, Jon(my boyfriend)’s parents woke up early to go to the Today Show.  Unfortunately, I was tired and so were Jon and his little brother so we slept in a bit instead.  We totally missed out, because they did a 90s concert day and they got to see TLC sing “Waterfalls.” WHAT. I know.  Next time I am in New York, I will be waking up early everyday to go to the Today Show.

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Welcome to New York: Day 3

Haven’t read day one or two yet? Click the day to read!

On Tuesday, we actually got to sleep in a bit, because it was raining! Oh, by the way, June in NYC is not warm. It is nice and cool and rainy.  And I was totally not ready for it, but it happens and you roll with it!

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Welcome to New York: Day 2

Haven’t read day one yet? Click here!

On our second day in New York, we woke up early and got ready to spend the morning in Central Park.  Totally on accident, we stumbled across the fountain Blair and Serena have their photoshoot at in season 1 episode 4 of Gossip Girl.  I totally fangirled. & I made my boyfriend do this.


Welcome To New York: Day 1

A few weeks back my boyfriend asked me to join his family on their vacation to NYC.  Of course, I couldn’t say no! We headed out from McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN on Sunday morning to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey (right beside New York). To my surprise, the flight is a short hour and a half.