Traveling to London with April

I’ve been bit by the travel bug lately. My next planned trip isn’t until December, but I am dying to hop on an airplane asap.

My friends and I reminisce on our trips all the time. I swear we have some of the funniest travel stories. Remind me to tell you of the time I was traveling to Nashville and wrecked my car hitting a recliner. 😉

Today, I’m interviewing my bestie April to learn a little more about London, England.

1. Where was your favorite place you traveled?

London, England!

2. What was your favorite moment?

Seeing the entire city from the top of the London Eye and from the London Dungeon Attraction 😍

3. What was your least favorite part?

I didn’t get to sleep much, and you know a girl LOVES her sleep.

4. What were you glad you brought along?

Definitely my headphones, because we had a ton of time while we physically traveled so it was nice to listen to when I slept. I also was glad to have lotion, because my skin dries out when traveling.

5. What could you have lived without?

I always bring a book or two when I travel, but I never have time to read them, because I am so absorbed in the trip. Leave the books at home!

6. If you went back tomorrow, what would you do differently?

I would probably choose comfortable and simple outfits over cute and over thought looks. In all of my pictures looking back, I am dressing for comfort instead of appearance, so I wasted space on “cute” clothes.

7. Airplane essentials like headphones and travel pillows are nice. What is your airplane must-have?

Weirdly, I will definitely bring anti-nausea medicine the next time I’m on a long flight, because I get super motion sick easily. I loved having makeup wipes, lotion, and gum to make you feel refreshed after waking up from a nap on a long flight.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to catch a flight to London! I think it’s about time for a girl’s trip.

Come back next Thursday, to find out about Caity’s favorite place to travel!



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