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Feeling Twenty Two + Relaunch!

Today I am twenty-two years old. To quote Ms. Taylor Swift, “It’s miserable & magical.”

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Timelessly Trendy Tuesdays: Where did Timelessly Trendy come from?

Where did Timelessly Trendy come from? Let me explain.

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Wrap-up of 2017 and Dreams for 2018

2017 was the best year for Timelessly Trendy with over 7000 views to the site! That may sound like a “humble brag,” but I’m just trying to thank everyone who has “clicked the link in my bio” and helped make my passion, my goal, my dream a reality. I’m so very thankful, and I have big plans to grow Timelessly Trendy even more in this new year.

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My bf(f)

If you’ve been reading Timelessly Trendy for a while,  you know I have a boyfriend, but probably don’t know much else.

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Timelessly Trendy’s 2nd Birthday & All About Me

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The Liebster Blogging Award

Hey ya’ll!

I got tagged in the sweetest post yesterday! My precious blog friend Livi Burke made me a recipient of the Liebster Blogging Award.  This basically means Livi likes my content enough to make me one of her top 10 favorite bloggers. Livi and I have so much in common, and her blog is amazing! Click her name to read her beautiful blog! Let’s dig in!

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meeting me

Hey y’all!  I’m the newest member of the fashion blogging world.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long, and I finally decided why wait? I’m seventeen from your typical southern small town, USA. My hobbies include Instagram, gossip girl, and tanning. Thanks for visiting! Song of Solomon 4:7