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If you’ve been reading Timelessly Trendy for a while,  you know I have a boyfriend, but probably don’t know much else.  A while back, my boyfriend and I were talking about our first few dates, specifically, our third date.  I mentioned that if I had shared about it then it would’ve probably gone viral, and he said he was surprised I hadn’t shared it.

People always ask me about when Jon and I met.  I don’t know the day, but it was before the year 2000.  We grew up in the same church in the same small town + our moms were good friends.  We event went on vacation together.10525846_841313309213804_427832458360600397_nWe’re the two in the bottom right.


we became close friends through a mutual friend in our youth group, and I was obsessed.

Our third date he told me nothing but that is was a “surprise,”  and I was so anxious!  He picked me up, and on our way to the interstate he had me open up the sun visor in his car.  Out fell two index cards, one reading “north,” the other “south.”  He told me to pick one, so I picked south and we headed south on I-75.IMG_7920

At this point, I assumed we were heading to Chattanooga.  Jon went to school in Chattanooga for a few years, so it was really fun to wander around with him.  Once we were parked, he had me reach under the floor mat for my second set of index cards.  These said “land” and “sea,”  I picked sea, which took us to the aquarium.  I love the Chattanooga Aquarium,  and I hadn’t been in so long.  It was perfect.


After our time at the aquarium, we walked back to his car where he gave me the third set of index cards.  These said “sticky” or “sweet.”  I picked sweet, which was Tupelo Honey.  Sticky would’ve been Sticky Fingers.  These are two of my favorite places to eat, so I definitely would’ve been happy either way.  IMG_7933

After dinner, I got my last note card that said “cupcakes” or “ice cream.”  I picked cupcakes, and he took me to this little cupcake place.  It was the perfect ending to the day.


I say it all the time, but

i really never knew how good being in love could be.  Jon always goes out of his way to make things better for me.  He always puts what I want to do above what he wants to do, and he takes time and really truly pursues our relationship.

Don’t settle for a relationship that isn’t fun.  Don’t be with someone who you don’t miss the second you’re away from them.  It makes life so much more fun!


xoxo timelessly trendy

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