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Fall Weather Bucket List

It really cooled off in East Tennessee this week.  And by “cooled off” I mean it didn’t hit 80 all week.  It is totally funny that when the weather is in the 70s in March I want to wear shorts, but when it’s in the 70s in fall I need to be in jeans and a sweater.  

Fall is my favorite season.  I’m obsessed with feeling cozy and fall is just the best time for that.  Fall candles (which are only $12.50 at Bath and Body Works this weekend) are the key to my heart.  Carving pumpkins makes my heart swell, and there are few times I get as much of a thrill from shopping than on Black Friday.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, fall is just the best time for dates.  So grab your boyfriend (or your best friend), and get ready for some fall fun!

1. College Football Game

If there is one thing you have to do this fall it is going to a college football game.  Visit your alma mater, your current school, a prospective school, or an SEC school with your boyfriend or your bestie! Be sure to get there early to tailgate and wear your school colors.  This is one fall tradition that you can’t miss.

2. Pumpkin picking (& carving)

I know all places are different due to crops, but if you live in Tennessee you know there’s a pumpkin patch on every corner in October.  My tip is to pick your pumpkin in early October, so you get first pick… but wait till late October to carve! Once you carve, there’s not much time before it will rot!

3. Fall Baking

Fall baking may be one of the greatest things.  Pumpkin and apple EVERYTHING.  There can never be enough. Check out my fall baking board on Pinterest to see what I think looks yummy this season!

4. Apple Picking

Again this one varies depending on where you live, but I know there are several apple picking farms in Tennessee.  I have never gotten to go apple picking so I’m crossing my fingers I get to this year!

5. Hay rides

are a fall lively hood.  Search where some fun fall   are in your area, and hit the trails!  Make sure your bae (or bestie) isn’t allergic to hay before you surprise them with this one.

6. Fall Inspired  Photoshoot

This one is great for a group of besties or a double date.  Check out my next blog post for inspiration on the cutest fall photos!

7. Haunted House

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Haunted houses are the perfect date night thrill.. just remember its all pretend!

8. Go to a corn maze

Visit a corn maze and become a child of the corn yourself.  Try to figure out the clues or just have fun getting lost together. Bonus points if it’s a night trip.

9. See a scary movie

The best scary movies come out in the fall. I am personally so afraid of scary movies, I can’t take it.  If you like them, you know the best ones come in October!

10. Go antiquing

Of course, you can go antiquing in any weather.  However, fall is the perfect weather to spend the afternoon in and out of antique stores.  Try visiting a new town with a historic downtown to check their stores out!

11. Go Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping is one late fall activity I will not be bringing my boyfriend along to! Just kidding, but for the past couple of years my two bestie cousins and I have gone Black Friday shopping together.  I think we may usually end up shopping for ourselves more than our family, but we have a great time together as always.

If you’re half as excited for fall as I am, I know these activities will make you the happiest this season! Cheers to a great fall this year.

xoxo Timelessly Trendy

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