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Tips for Surviving College Homesickness

As most of you know right now, last year I started college three hours away from home.  I didn’t know anyone I would be going to school with except for my older brother.  I was terrified.  While I like to think I held it together fairly well, I know that I actually was pretty homesick that first semester.  In fact, when I returned to school this semester, I became overcome with those emotions again.  Here are four tips I used to help me get through it.

1. Stay Busy

This one may seem easier said than done, but the busier you are the less time you have to sulk about how lonely you feel.  Go to the welcome events, and go to club meetings.  My first day of school I went to a college church group completely alone.  It was totally scary, but going by myself helped me realize that the group wasn’t for me.  Whereas, had I gone with someone who enjoyed it, I may have thought I liked it more.

2. Know You’re Not Alone

Don’t feel like a loser just because you feel lonely.  Chances are that about 40% of your peers feel the exact same way, and they’re looking for someone like you too.

3. Don’t Feel Sorry for Yourself

This one was hard for me, because I am such an emotional person anyways.  You’re allowed to be sad, you’re allowed to cry.. but do NOT feel sorry for yourself.  This not only accomplishes nothing, but you’ll make yourself miserable.  Do your best to stay optimistic.  You’re getting the chance to receive an education at the school of your choosing.  People reminisce on their college years for the rest of their lives.  Maybe this isn’t your prime, but it shouldn’t be the worst years of your life.

4. Put Yourself Out There

If you see someone eating lunch alone, ask if they’d like company.  If you haven’t made a friend in your class, switch your seat up and sit with someone else alone.  You’ll be surprised at the lasting impacts these small actions can make. Don’t be afraid of rejection, if they’re rude to you, you wouldn’t want them as your friend anyways.

I hope these three tips help you as much as they did me.

I know it is so hard leaving your friends and family (or even your significant other if you’re like me).  It is so hard going out into the college world and not knowing what to expect.  If you stay busy, know you’re not the only lonely one, and don’t feel sorry for yourself, and put yourself out there it’ll be a breeze.

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