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HartleeMae Stole My Heart

I was scrolling through Instagram (the way all my best stories happen) when I came across HartleeMae‘s profile. Instantly I was drawn to this brand. I’m a sucker for handmade jewelry, because it’s so much more special. HartleeMae jewelry is handmade in the USA by one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever gotten the chance of working with. I’m seriously honored to wear this jewelry! First, I’ll share about these cactus earrings. They are seriously so cute, I’ve gotten compliments everytime I’ve worn them. They’re so dainty and fun! These are actually custom, but she takes custom orders so feel free to request these! I can’t get over how fun they are. As you can see, they really make any look pop. She also sent me these really great quality leather teardrop earrings. They’re so gorgeous, and they’re large but they don’t make my ears hurt even after wearing them all day. They’re the best teardrop earrings I own for sure. 

Are you as obsessed as I am? If so, check out the website! and get your hands (or ears) on a pair of these gorgeous statement earrings. It’ll totally upgrade your outfit and your jewelry collection! Thanks HartleeMae, you’ve stolen my heart, for sure!

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