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Summer Bucket List: Week Three

My boyfriend and I date long distance during the school year. When we realized I’d be home for the summer, we decided to make a summer bucket list.  If you haven’t read week one or week two,  read those first!

 So here’s what we have crossed off the list so far!

  1. See our favorite comedian (John Mulaney)
  2. Go to a minor league baseball game
  3. Play Tony Hawk video games on a PS2
  4. Watch live action The Jungle Book (our first date movie)
  5. Have brunch at Aretha Frankenstien’s 
  6. Visit the Hunter Art Museum 
  7. See sunflowers
  8. Swim
  9. Visit our favorite park
  10. Ride Go-Karts
  11. Play Mini Golf
  12. Bake together
  13. Play ping pong
  14. Go to the farmer’s market
  15. See an outdoor movie
  16. Watch La La Land again
  17. Go to NYC

I may have written sunflowers off prematurely…

Jon’s birthday was Wednesday (August 2nd), so on August 3rd I took him on a “surprise” date.  It wasn’t anything fancy. We went to an arcade, a “classy” Goodwill, Target, and had dinner at O’Charley’s.. BUT the cherry on the cake was surprising him on the way to Knoxville with a little sunflower field I found. We had both already written off seeing them at all this year, but much to our surprise the flowers were in pretty good shape! It was a total win for us.

Visiting our favorite park was easy

We have this park around 30 minutes from home that we love.  It is a decent sized park, with two playgrounds, a walking trail, and a swing set standing alone.  I seriously love to swing, and we felt weird going to playgrounds and taking the swings away from the kids (lol), but this one has so many other things, we’re always the only ones on the swings! I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s Sandy Springs Park in Maryville, TN. It will always be super special to us!

Go Karts + Mini Golf

Jon and I have wanted to go ride go-karts since last summer, but we always found ourselves with something else to do.  We had to put it on the bucket list & OH. MY. GOSH. we had the best time! We went to NASCAR speed park in Sevierville, TN on the hottest day of the year ready to ride.  We rode all afternoon, and then took a dinner break at Logan’s Roadhouse.  We had both eaten at Logan’s before, but never together.  Our dinner was super good & we decided we like it even better than Texas Roadhouse. That is MAJOR for us!  We headed on down to Pigeon Forge to play mini golf at a place Jon has always wanted to try. He won, BUT it was a close one! (It wasn’t. At all.) We finished the night off with nighttime go-karts and icees before heading home.  It was one of my favorite dates so far!

Turns out Jon plays dirty

In ping-pong, that is.  He has been playing all summer, but when I came over to play, he showed me no mercy!  We played championship “rounds” with me playing Jon, Jon’s brother Alex & dad Mitch playing each other.  I played Alex and won last 4th place.  Jon played his dad and got first!  Turns out Jon is a little more competitive than I had ever thought before.

La La Land

For my birthday in February, we went to see La La Land.  We laughed, we cried, we loved it.  Jon loved it maybe even more than me, because he went and bought it on dvd the day it was released.  We’ve been planning to watch it all summer, but we keep holding off. Finally we sat down and watched it.  It is as good as I remembered it to be, I recommend it to everyone!

As you may have noticed, there are two things left on the list..

There is roughly two weeks before I go back to school, & there are two items still on the list.  Jon and I tried to watch a movie on his laptop and project it on to a projector for an outside movie, but it just wasn’t working.  Jon doesn’t have easy access to his PS2, so we haven’t gotten to do that either! Honestly, with a list of 17, hitting 15 isn’t too shabby.

This has been the best summer of my life.  I would not change a thing. I am so glad God blessed me with a sweetheart of a boyfriend who really tries to make everyday special for me.  I’m blessed.

xoxo timelessly trendy

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We are too! The classy goodwill is in Farragut off of Kingston Pike before you get to Costco! It’s not classy in looks, but basically everything is name brand and in good condition! It is Farragut, after all! 😂


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