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Wrap-up of 2017 and Dreams for 2018

2017 was the best year for Timelessly Trendy with over 7000 views to the site! That may sound like a “humble brag,” but I’m just trying to thank everyone who has “clicked the link in my bio” and helped make my passion, my goal, my dream a reality. I’m so very thankful, and I have big plans to grow Timelessly Trendy even more in this new year.

To reflect on all of the good from this past year, I’m doing a wrap-up. One of the sweetest parts of the new year is the chance it gives us to reflect on the past and dream for the year to come.

Here are my five favorite outfits from 2017

In 2017 I traveled more than I ever have, and it was amazing. It’s no coincidence that of my five favorite memories, three included traveling.

My trip to Las Vegas was so cool. I’ve dreamed of living a lot of places, but I’ve never really wanted to live out west. I totally changed my mind once I visited here, it’s so exciting! I loved it.

My trip to New York was life changing. I was so excited to tag along with my boyfriend’s family, and I had the time of my life. I definitely want to live there one day, even if it’s just for a little while.

I also went to Saint Augustine, Florida with my very best friends and we had the time of our lives just being together! We made memories I’ll cherish forever and I loved every moment.

This year I also celebrated my first anniversary with my boyfriend, hit two thousand following on the blog, finished my sophomore year of college and had many other great adventures. I’m so excited for 2018!

My resolutions for the year are as followed:

• grow my following

• get healthy

• drink more water

• only eat fast food 3x a month

• only eat out 2x a week

• save my money

• meal prep weekly

• do homework earlier

• finish work before Sunday so I can observe the sabbath properly

• spend more time being present

• schedule time for self care

• try a new recipe every two weeks

• take more pictures of friends and family

• enjoy life

I hope 2018 brings us all many blessings!


Timelessly Trendy

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Marketing student, foodie, and fashion lover. Big fan of live music and romantic comedies.

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