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Bargain Hunting at Bargain Hunt

I will be the first to admit that thrift shopping intimidates me a bit. I’m always running between two different sizes, and I really like to go to a store and see multiple sizes on a rack and be able to try them on. However, this hasn’t stopped me from going into multiple thrift stores for the past few years looking for a good find. They just built a new thrift store in my mom’s hometown of Athens, TN called “Bargain Hunt” and she really wanted to go check it out. Bargain Hunt is a chain of thrift stores that carry brand name merchandise at a fraction of the price. They have great stuff!

When we walked in the door, I was immediately drawn to a walk of camel bak water bottles. My Camel Bak is my favorite water bottle I have (and I have plenty) since it’s so easy to drink out of! Camel Baks are originally $15 each, and I scored 2 for $6.

We browsed through their home section and decor, and that’s where I found this gorgeous Betsy Johnson luggage 😍. I just got amazing luggage for Christmas, but this is seriously so pretty! It’s marked at $120, I believe, so someone needs to go get it! So cute!

Finally, we began to search through the clothes section. This is where I hit a goldmine. Not only were the clothes makes down at the store, but they were having sale with 70% off everything that was hanging! 🤩 I was living.

I was immediately drawn to this skirt. I’ve been eyeballing a few of them since August, but I had yet to make it mine. It was priced at $12, so with the 70% off I got it for… (drumroll please) $3.60! It’s so cute and versatile, I know I’m going to love it!

The second thing I picked up was this super cute camo jacket with pink flower detail. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure this jacket was priced at $30, meaning I paid $9 for it! (If this isn’t correct, I know I didn’t pay over $10 for it. Such a score!)

I ran across this oversized chambray when I was taking my final lap around the clothing section. This is going to be perfect with leggings in the fall for a cute casual look! (+ it’s office approved for me, yay!) This was priced at $5 and I got it at $1.50! WOOHOO!

I also got a really cute dress, but it’s not an amazing fit, so I’ll be gifting it to my mom 😜

If thrift shopping intimidates you, I encourage you to check for a local Bargain Hunt. I found some great pieces at a great price, and a low stress environment. The chambray + the brown skirt + the non pictured dress + the jacket + the two camel baks = $26! You CAN’T beat that!

I’m so happy with my Bargain Hunt haul!


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