Designer Reveal & What’s in my Purse

My boyfriend is pretty good at gift giving… .or maybe I’m pretty good at dropping hints 😜 I have never had a designer handbag before. I always go into Coach when we go to the mall, to look at their collection. Anytime we’re in a department store I am drawn to looking at the Kate Spade and Dooney & Burke purses. I always admired the craftsmanship that goes into the bags, but I always figured that would be something I would obtain later in life. You can imagine my surprise when I opened up the box and saw this gorgeous Kate Spade inside.

Not to be dramatic, but I may have got teary eyed. Not only because this bag is beautiful, but because I am so in awe of how thoughtful my boyfriend is. We agreed that this purse is perfectly timeless and trendy. He topped it off by getting me a gorgeous gray Kate Spade wallet to go inside.

To quote Buddy the Elf, “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!”

I named the bag Hadley. I guess you could say we’re pretty serious.

I’ve learned when you have a great bag, you have to fill it with great stuff. It’s a good thing this bag has plenty of room to fill it all!

handbag | wallet | sunglasses | earpods | tweezers | lipstick | chapstick | lint roller (similar) | hand lotion

By timelesslytrendy

Marketing student, foodie, and fashion lover. Big fan of live music and romantic comedies.

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