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A Day in Chattanooga

When Jon and I first started dating (literally it was date 3) he took me on the cutest date ever. You can read about it here! It’s a memory I will always cherish, and I think it was this date that really won my friends over to his side.

Jon took me on another surprise date for my birthday yesterday. If we’re honest this date could be the new #1.

He picked me up at 11. I had already got out of him that we were going to Chattanooga, but I had no idea what the plans were outside of that. Truthfully, I didn’t want to know. I was just excited for the day to unfold.

Our first stop was this super cool pizza place. I love the exterior and the pizza was so dang good. I’m already down to go back.

Next, Jon took me to walk through the Chattanooga Choo Choo. If you don’t know, the Choo Choo is an iconic old train station that has been converted into a hotel. It’s really gorgeous, and I had never been in before. It was really just so cool to see.

Because Jon doesn’t live under a rock, he’s caught on to me loving Instagram. It’s true, I do love a good gram. I especially love when I get a really cute backdrop that just makes everything come full circle. I’ve been talking about the polka dot wall in Chattanooga for a while, and of course he delivered. It’s honestly just as cute in person.

Jon then took me downtown and he was like, “You know where we’re going don’t you.” Nope, I honestly had no idea where we were going! Y’all, he took me back to the aquarium and I love love love the aquarium. It was better than ever, because they now have lemurs and I really want to bring one home with me. They’re so cute! I also had a butterfly land on me for the first time in the butterfly room so that was awfully thrilling too.

We were pretty ready for dinner after this, and I just assumed we would be going somewhere downtown. Nope! Instead, Jon took me on a drive to the cutest restaurant ever that was really quiet and so pretty overlooking the river. They played a lot of John Mayer music and had the yummiest food. I loved it.

We had such a perfect day together, but that wasn’t all! We stopped by my favorite ice cream place, The Dairy Barn, on the way home and ate our ice cream while watching vines in the car. I really don’t see how I could end up with anyone more perfect for me.

I’m so lucky to have the best people in the world who love me and celebrate me.


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