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Welcome to New York: Day 3

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On Tuesday, we actually got to sleep in a bit, because it was raining! Oh, by the way, June in NYC is not warm. It is nice and cool and rainy.  And I was totally not ready for it, but it happens and you roll with it!

So on Tuesday when we decided to leave the apartment we hopped back onto the tour bus and rode around for a while.  We finally got off and explored Grand Central Station Terminal, which was really cool. I kept thinking of the opening scenes of the pilot episode of Gossip Girl where Serena is getting off the train and Dan and Little J are meeting back up with Mr. Humphrey at the end of summer… that isn’t really relevant. True fans know the significance! My boyfriend kept thinking of the Madagascar movie. Haha.

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We ate lunch in the foodcourt of the station, and then we walked over to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  It was so beautiful! I didn’t even know it existed until we saw it, and it was one of my favorite places. Awesome place.

This is right across from Rockefeller Center! We walked over there and explored a bit.  It was cool to see the statue you see on every episode of 30 Rock, and my boyfriend may or may not have fangirled over the Rainbow Room Observation Deck sign.

what a cutie

We went to Magnolia Bakery and grabbed a snack before heading back to the apartment.  My boyfriend got a chocolate cheesecake, I got red velvet, and we shared.  The chocolate was totally better!

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We got back to the apartment, cleaned up, and left for one of my favorite parts of the week… seeing Wicked on Broadway! I took Theatre Appreciation last semester and I wrote four papers on Wicked. I love that musical, I know every song.  Seeing it on Broadway was seriously life changing. Whyyyyy didn’t I stick with those acting classes I took back in the day?

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After the show we had dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.  Honestly, if this was the only meal I ate in the whole week I wouldn’t even have been mad.  Not because the food is super good, but the waiters and waitresses perform songs the whole time! They have dreams of being on Broadway (some of them do have small Broadway rolls!) and they are incredibly talented.  They told us while we were eating that their tips they get go to whatever they want, but they also have a bucket that they collect and divide up every night that goes stricktly to making their Broadway dreams reality.  Seriously so cool and fun! I will go back to New York & I will go here again.

xoxo timelessly trendy

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