Welcome To New York: Day 1

A few weeks back my boyfriend asked me to join his family on their vacation to NYC.  Of course, I couldn’t say no! We headed out from McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN on Sunday morning to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey (right beside New York). To my surprise, the flight is a short hour and a half.

We arrived around  11 am that morning, and we were hungry.  We decided to eat at the airport before heading out on our shared taxi.  We arrived at our apartment in SoHo around 2 pm.  Our apartment was seriously the cutest place in the world.  It was surrounded by the coolest boutiques & coffee shops.  I was seriously obsessed. They found it on! If I find the link I’ll link it for sure.

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We settled into the apartment before we went for a walk around our neighborhood.  We went to a beautiful park down the street and here are some photos from it.  It was seriously gorgeous.

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We had dinner at a restaurant nearby called Spaghetti Incident.  They’re famous for their “to-go” spaghetti they serve in a cone.  We dined in their tiny cozy restaurant that seats less than 40 people.  Spaghetti is my favorite meal and this place did not disappoint. So yummy.

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We then went and bought our subway cards and rode down to Times Square.  Spoiler alert: this was all of our first times in NYC so everything we did is pretty touristy.  Which is totally ok with me! I saw so much so quick!

The first day of our trip was so incredible! After our visit in Times Square we headed back to the apartment in SoHo.  I was totally exhausted, and it was only the first day! I sent the picture below to my mom and told her I may never come home that night.  Honestly, if it weren’t so expensive, I’d be packing my bags right now! Here’s to someday right?


xoxo timelessly trendy

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