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Gooseberry Linen

I remember the pair of red shorts I searched for in summer 2012. We were about to go on a mission trip to New Orleans, and my youth groups main color was red. I knew red shorts would accent the red logo on our gray tee perfectly.

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Chattanooga & Swing Dress

My boyfriend is impossible to shop for! So for our anniversary, instead of giving him a gift, I decided to take him on a surprise date.

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Welcome to New York: Grand Finale

On Wednesday morning, Jon(my boyfriend)’s parents woke up early to go to the Today Show.  Unfortunately, I was tired and so were Jon and his little brother so we slept in a bit instead.  We totally missed out, because they did a 90s concert day and they got to see TLC sing “Waterfalls.” WHAT. I know.  Next time I am in New York, I will be waking up early everyday to go to the Today Show.


Welcome To New York: Day 1

A few weeks back my boyfriend asked me to join his family on their vacation to NYC.  Of course, I couldn’t say no! We headed out from McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN on Sunday morning to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey (right beside New York). To my surprise, the flight is a short hour and a half.