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Gooseberry Linen

I remember the pair of red shorts I searched for in summer 2012. We were about to go on a mission trip to New Orleans, and my youth groups main color was red. I knew red shorts would accent the red logo on our gray tee perfectly.

I found the “perfect” pair of red shorts at Old Navy and I was thrilled. That pair of shorts saw many youth events & high school football games in the next few years. They were easily my favorite pair of shorts and I wore them out. Ever since then, I’ve loved red pants!

When shopping at Old Navy a few weeks back I came across these “gooseberry red” linen pants. There was one pair left & they were my size! I rushed to the dressing room, and decided they were “perfect” like I had decided with those red shorts just a few summers earlier in the same dressing rooms.

outfit details: the amazing red pants, super comfy sandals, tie front sweater (sold out) similar here!

There is a certain confidence that a pair of pants you really love will give you. Especially a pair of red pants. It’s like a casual power suit! I loved these pants so much, I had no problem paying full price for them! (Although old navy always has good sale prices if I wait a week or two!) I just needed them right then & there! Lucky for y’all, they’re on sale right now for half the price! You need these suckers hanging in your closet! Or more realistically, being worn by you everyday forever. They’re that good 🙌🏻

Happy shopping!

xoxo timelessly trendy

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