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Chattanooga & Swing Dress

My boyfriend is impossible to shop for! So for our anniversary, instead of giving him a gift, I decided to take him on a surprise date. His favorite city around is Chattanooga, so I decided that’s where we’d go! I picked him up around 10 and we had a late brunch at Aretha Frankenstien’s where we ate pancakes, sausage, and fried potatoes. Yum. 

After brunch, I took him to the Hunter Art Mueseum. Neither of us had ever been to this one, and it’s definitely the prettiest art museum we’ve been to as a couple! 

Our next adventure was walking across the Walnut Street Bridge. It has a great view of Chattanooga, and it’s just a really cool area! My boyfriend shot some pictures of me. I’m wearing my new favorite swing dress from JcPenny & my classic white chuck taylors.

We got a snowcone to share after our walk across the bridge and decided to attempt riding bikes. It lasted about 10 minutes before I was exhausted. It was a hot day! We went back to my car and headed home, but not before a little bit of shopping! We picked up a pizza on the way home and ended the day with oven smores and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days! Another great day with my best friend.
xoxo timelessly trendy

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