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My NYC at Christmas Experience

I spent the days leading up to Christmas in New York City. It was incredible.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward

2018 has been a fast and weird year for me. I am so grateful for the changes I have seen in myself and the peace I am taking into this new year.

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Fall Dates You & Yours Will Love

Friday night I cleaned my home and decorated for fall. That is my idea of the perfect Friday night!

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Anniversary Weekend in North Carolina

Y’all, last week I celebrated my two year anniversary with Jon!

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A Day in Chattanooga

When Jon and I first started dating (literally it was date 3) he took me on the cutest date ever. You can read about it here! It’s a memory I will always cherish, and I think it was this date that really won my friends over to his side.

Jon took me on another surprise date for my birthday yesterday. If we’re honest this date could be the new #1.

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Self-Care for Valentine’s Day

The most important person to show love to on Valentine’s Day is you!

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The Perfect Holiday Look from My Kind of Lovely

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for its arrival!

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My bf(f)

If you’ve been reading Timelessly Trendy for a while,  you know I have a boyfriend, but probably don’t know much else.

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Summer Bucket List: Week Three

My boyfriend and I date long distance during the school year. When we realized I’d be home for the summer, we decided to make a summer bucket list.  If you haven’t read week one or week two,  read those first!

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Summer Bucket List Dates: Week Two

If you’re just now checking in, be sure to read about week one of our dates here: Summer Bucket List Dates: Week One.

We’ve been having the best summer keeping up with our bucket list!