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Fall Dates You & Yours Will Love

Friday night I cleaned my home and decorated for fall. That is my idea of the perfect Friday night! Fall is my favorite season. It may still be summer till the 22nd, but it is fall in my heart. I’m burning a pumpkin cupcake candle, and trading in my summer white nails for a deep plum mani. I know its cliché, but I believe fall dates really are the best dates!

I don’t get to see my boyfriend as often when school is in session, so that makes the dates we go on in the fall so much more special! I plan out our date ideas in advance to make sure we have time for it all, and it would be selfish to keep all this fun to ourselves! Here are some fall dates that you & yours will love this season.

*These dates are great to take with your significant other, best friends, or the whole family!

Visit a New Town

Is there anything sweeter than strolling the streets of a quaint town you’ve never been before? Blue Ridge, GA has been on my list for a while, and when I realized it would be an easy day trip from my hometown, I knew I had to add it to the list! There is even an apple orchard, and I’ve always wanted to bake with apples I picked.

Pumpkin Carving

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Jon and I have a tradition of carving pumpkins at my mom’s house on my fall break. We’ve bought pumpkins at the grocery store, and from a pumpkin patch. While I loved the experience at the pumpkin patch much more, the grocery store was much cheaper. Unfortunately, my fall break is a little too early in October.. The pumpkins rot by Halloween which makes them look extra spooky on the porch. 😉  This is one of my favorite things we do together, and I’m looking forward to it this year.

Corn Maze


Haunted or not, daylight or dark, a corn maze is a great way to soak in the autumn air. Jon and I have great memories from our trip to the corn maze! We got lost before we even made it to the farm, and we still laugh about that night almost two years later.

Haunted Attractions

I always joke that paying to be scared is weird, but haunted attractions really are so fun. Grab your date and your best friends, because these are always more fun with a group!

Movie Night In

Who doesn’t love to stay in every once in a while? Order takeout and watch your favorite scary movie, or, if you’re like me, your favorite Halloween themed rom com. Suggestions anyone?

Fall Baking

It doesn’t even have to be pumpkin spiced flavored! If food is your love language, baking is the sweetest date night. Making a box kit of brownies in the fall is fall baking. Make some taco soup first, and combine this with a movie night in… I may just show up on your pumpkin and mum covered doorstep.

Black Friday Shopping

I usually go Black Friday shopping with my cousins, but when they couldn’t make it down for Thanksgiving last year I took Jon. He had never been before, and I think he really loved the thrill of it all. We ended the night eating greasy hamburgers in the mall food court. We had so much fun, I think Jon may want to join me again this year!

Watch a Football Game

My boyfriend is a huge football fan, so catching a couple of football games a season on TV is easy for me. Nothing beats going to a game and supporting a team (especially if they win), so surprise someone with some great tickets and go see a game this fall!

Shop Local

Take your favorite teams bye week and spend the whole Saturday shopping local. Grab breakfast at the diner, spend the morning antique hunting downtown, visit the cafe for lunch, spend the afternoon strolling boutiques and gift shops, grab dinner at your favorite local spot, and end the night with some locally owned entertainment. Whether that’s going to the drive-in, hitting the coffee shop to see your favorite local band, or visiting a vineyard and watching the sun go down. It’ll be a fun day doing things you can only do in your neck of the woods!

These are the dates I can’t wait to go on this season! I intend to update this list as the season passes, because I’m sure we will do some things we didn’t originally plan. The unplanned dates tend to be the most special.

What are you most excited to do this fall? Do you like to soak up the fall air in the great outdoors, or do you prefer to stay inside? Personally, I love both!


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