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My New Favorite Outfit

I feel like I’m starting every blog lately with, “I miss this!” I do miss it.  I intended to go into this summer improving my blog often, but now we’ve arrived at the end of summer… It just didn’t happen! Summer flew by, and I took time for some much-needed recharging to get ready for this upcoming semester. As thankful as I am for the opportunity to learn, it really takes a lot out of me. This summer, I’ve really made an effort to become a better friend, daughter, and girlfriend. I’ve put the phone down (less than I should have) more and enjoyed being present with the people I love. I had the chance to work at a local boutique  this summer where I learned that running a small business is much harder than it may look on Instagram. I went on a last-minute beach trip with my family. Doing anything at the last minute usually stresses me out, but I managed to keep my cool and make memories with my family that I will always treasure. I spent a few days with my sweet cousins that I never get to see enough. I went out-of-town with my boyfriend. I saw Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves in concert. I went to the aquarium, and the movies. I won two bowling games. I got to spend (not enough) time with my best friends from high school. While I didn’t do anything especially outrageous this summer, I truly enjoyed the time I spent surrounded by friends and family. My favorite season is right around the corner, and the anticipation of a brand new school semester is upon me. I’m recharged. I’m ready.

Back to the reason you clicked this post, right? My new favorite outfit!

I picked this jumpsuit up from a local boutique early this summer. It is so comfortable. While working last night I noticed we had a cute new kimono cardigan on the rack. Instantly, I thought of how great it would pair with the jumpsuit.


I’m so glad this vision worked. I’ve worn this outfit all day today, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! There is nothing better than an outfit that is cute and comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing pajamas, but I don’t look like I’m wearing pajamas.


This is my first and only jumpsuit. As a shorter girl, I’ve always been hesitant to try them. I bought this one without trying it on, and it just worked. Sometimes you just have to trust your fashionista gut, right? 😉



Thank you all for sticking with me & supporting me throughout my inconsistency. It means the world to still have people reading my blog 3 years later. I’m so blessed.


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