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Looking Back and Looking Forward

2018 has been a fast and weird year for me. I am so grateful for the changes I have seen in myself and the peace I am taking into this new year.

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Anniversary Weekend in North Carolina

Y’all, last week I celebrated my two year anniversary with Jon!

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Wrap-up of 2017 and Dreams for 2018

2017 was the best year for Timelessly Trendy with over 7000 views to the site! That may sound like a “humble brag,” but I’m just trying to thank everyone who has “clicked the link in my bio” and helped make my passion, my goal, my dream a reality. I’m so very thankful, and I have big plans to grow Timelessly Trendy even more in this new year.

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Tips for Surviving College Homesickness

As most of you know right now, last year I started college three hours away from home.  I didn’t know anyone I would be going to school with except for my older brother.  I was terrified.

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Summer Bucket List Dates: Week Two

If you’re just now checking in, be sure to read about week one of our dates here: Summer Bucket List Dates: Week One.

We’ve been having the best summer keeping up with our bucket list!