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CMA Fest Recap

Growing up in Tennessee, I have always had a heart for country music. If you ask me my favorite genre, I will always say country (despite the teasing from my siblings). When I moved to Middle Tennessee my love for country music was only amplified living right next to the home of it all! It seemed like every one I knew in Middle Tennessee would go to CMA Fest every year, so when I won tickets to Nissan Stadium, I was so dang excited.

Of course, anyone who went this year would tell you it was the RAINIEST CMA Fest ever. Ever might be a tad dramatic, but it was definitely rainy. When it wasn’t rainy, it was humid as could be, but at least it wasn’t too hot! I was only able to make it out Friday and Saturday night, and I was lucky that it never once rained while I was at Nissan. Such a blessing!

CMA Fest is the weirdest atmosphere. It honestly felt like I was at summer camp, because everyone would go out and do their own thing during the day, but each night everyone would get back together around the campfire stage and sing together. Such a fun, weird, and crazy time.


Friday night I brought my college bestie Angelique with me. Angelique is from California,  and even though she has lived in Tennessee for a few years now, this was her first big country music experience! It was really fun getting to experience it with her.

angelique & me!



We kicked off the night with tacos (naturally) (have you met us) at Local Taco and it was so dang good. I’m really obsessed with corn right now and believe a taco place is only as good as its corn, and I approve of the corn here.



I got this romper from Altar’d State’s semi annual sale, and I love love love it. I can’t find it online, but I did find this super cute similar one. I paired it with my black cowboy boots, because if you can’t pull out the cowboy boots for CMA Fest, when can you pull them out?

ANYWAYS, we took an Uber to Nissan where we saw Little Big Town sing “The Daughters,” which honestly makes me emotional every time I hear it. Next up was Dan + Shay who literally sounded even better live. Then, my favorite, your favorite, everyone’s favorite, Mr. Thomas Rhett Akins who sang several of his best songs, including “Crash and Burn.” “Crash and Burn” was my favorite song my senior year of high school and it #broughtmeback #preciousmems lolz. Finally, the king, Eric Church shut it down with a melody of many of his songs. It was incredible, and he is such a talent. We love you Eric!!! Full disclaimer: we snuck out before Carrie Underwood (disrespectful, I know) to try and get an Uber before everyone else. First of all, it didn’t work. Second of all, we missed her bringing out Joan Jett for bad reputation. Shame on us. We got what we deserved (even though we heard the entire set outside the stadium).


Saturday my lifelong best friend Leah came, which was SO FUN. Going to different colleges we do not get to see each other enough, so it was so fun to spend the weekend together!

leah & me!


We had dinner at Burger Republic before heading to the concerts at Nissan. If you know me, you know how much I love Burger Republic. It brings me joy to introduce my friends and family to Burger Republic for the first time, because everyone always loves it like I do!



I got this top from the semi annual sale too, and I love it! The shorts are from Target and are so comfy, which was perfect for this night! Again, paired with my black cowboy boots, because duh. Really mad at myself for not taking my hair tie off my arm, please forgive me.

The first act we caught at Nissan was Billy Ray Cyrus who delivered us classics like “Achy Breaky Heart.” Next was Brett Young who sang “Mercy.” Omg, that song physically hurts me, it is so good and SO SAD. No worries though, because when Brett’s set ends BILLY DANG RAY CYRUS comes back out and says, “You didn’t think I was gonna leave without playing this one?” OF COURSE NOT, BILLY (although it sure did seem like he was gonna leave without playing it when his set ended, and I was getting worried). “Old Town Road” starts playing, everyone loses their mind (me included), Lil Nas X comes out, along with KEITH URBAN?! Whattttt. They delivered, “Old Town Road” is country, the end. Next we heard Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annies and they were so good. When I grow up I want to be Miranda Lambert. She is such a strong, beautiful, cool woman. I am obsessed with her. Luke Combs finished our night off, and this man is such a performer! He put on a captivating set and everyone was so into it. I am a fan.

CMA Fest was so much fun. Now that I have gone, I can’t imagine ever not going. ALL the raving reviews from me. If you’re a country music lover like me, make plans to go in 2020! I’ll even meet up for preshow tacos.

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