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Accessories I’m Wearing

A few nights ago I asked my Instagram followers if they would rather see a blog post on the accessories I’ve been wearing lately or on warm weather dates. Warm weather dates won, but not by much, so I am also sharing about the accessories I have been wearing lately!

Stacked Necklaces


I love the stacked necklace trend, and I think it works perfectly with necklaces you already own! My favorite J necklace was gifted by my boyfriend and I literally wear it everyday.  My “be still” necklace was gifted to me by my boyfriend’s mom and I love how they pair together. It is also such a great reminder during this busy stressful season I am in finishing my last year of college.


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I love neckerchiefs! If you are nervous about wearing them around the neck, I totally get it. Personally, I love wearing mine in my hair to add some color to my outfit or dress up a boring hairstyle. I also love wrapping it around the handle of my favorite Kate Spade bag to dress it up for spring.


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There have been several weeks in my college career where I practically wore a hat 24/7. I love a good hat that you can throw on and run errands or get to class quick. I’m just a big fan of hats all around.

These are the accessories I have been loving and wearing most lately! What is your favorite accessory you are wearing lately?

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