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Warm Weather Dates

My boyfriend, Jon, and I have been dating for nearly three years. We love to try new things together, and we always have a lot of fun. I am sharing five dates we have gone on and will go on again, and one date idea that I believe we will do soon! While these are dates Jon and I have gone on together, I would go on any of them with my bestie girls too! Here are my ideal dates for spring and early summer weather.


This may be my favorite simple date we go on. Picnics are great, because you can make it as low-key or fancy as you want. Jon and I have had two picnics on my college campus, and every time I walk by those spots, I daydream a bit about our picnic dates.

Go Karts

Jon and I went Go Karting on one of the hottest days in July. We had an absolute blast but the heat totally exhausted us. Next time, we’ll go in the spring or early summer to beat the heat! This was such a fun competitive date, as we raced on each track.

Baseball Game


I don’t know much about baseball. However, I do know that minor league baseball teams have solid concession stands. Jon and I went to a minor league baseball game two summers ago and it was so fun! Jon loves all sports so he had a great time and I loved watching the sunset, drinking a slush puppie, and the after game firework show. We’re planning on going to a MLB game this summer!

Putt-Putt Golfing

If you are a competitive couple, this one is for you! Jon and I have gone putt-putt golfing a couple of times now, and I always get the high score. 😉

Dinner with a View


For my 20th birthday dinner Jon took me to a restaurant at a marina in Chattanooga. It was quiet, the food was amazing, and the view over the lake was beautiful. On your next date night, put on your favorite outfit and go get dinner with a waterfront or mountain view. Jon completely surprised me with this restaurant and its one of my favorite places we’ve ever been.

Appetizer Tour Date

Jon and I have always joked that instead of eating dinner at one restaurant, what we would really like is an assortment of appetizers from several places. If you agree with us, why not go on an appetizer tour? Pick your favorite appetizers and go to the restaurants that serve them throughout the afternoon for a fun (and filling) date. Judge each appetizer you get on secret ballots, and reveal to each other who you believe won at the end of the day! Jon and I will definitely be doing this in the near future.


What date sounds the most fun to you?


Peytyn Brynn



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