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What You Really Need For Your Dorm

Incoming freshman, get ready for a whirlwind… and crack open your piggy bank while you’re at it.

So you’re going to college? Congratulations! Get ready for the most exciting years of your life. It is the most freedom you’ve had so far, combined with the most responsibility! It is strange and beautiful. You’re going to love it.

Some things you’ll need for school are a bit obvious.  Textbooks, a laptop, bedding for that XL twin sized bed.  However, some things come at a bit more of a shock! I asked some of my besties for their advice and what they couldn’t have lived without their freshman year of college!


Angelique is a Political Science major at MTSU.

She couldn’t have made it this year without these three things:

  1. Keurig  perfect for those 8 a.m. classes.
  2. Shower Shoes, because you don’t even want to know who has been in that community bathroom doing what before you.
  3. Mini Fridge stocked with your favorite drinks! Bonus points if its one with a freezer on top to store those yummy tv dinners. Pro tip: Talk to your roommate before move-in, because it’ll save space if only one of you bring one.
  4. I’m pretty sure she also couldn’t have made it without me, but I was rarely in her dorm.


Mariah was a psychology major at Carson Newman University.

Her three must have items were:

  1. Extra blankets for cuddling up while studying. One of my all time favorite blankets linked here!
  2. A good stash of junk food.
  3. An extra alarm clock for early test days. Pro tip: also set an alarm on your phone to make sure you never sleep through your exams!


Mitra is a religions major at Carson Newman University.

Mitra couldn’t live without:

  1. Clip fan, for the days when it was unbearably hot in the dorms!
  2. A coffee maker, which she also used to make ramen noodles and macaroni when her microwave broke (genius).
  3. Downy Wrinkle Release, because no one is about to pull out a dang ironing board in their dorm, and wrinkly clothes are a strong no.

19665522_1777923885558886_2124951453640786788_nCaity is a marketing major at Carson Newman University.

Caity’s must haves for dorm life are:

  1. Her fuzziest blanket
  2. Her study pillow
  3. Her roommate (which is April! Our best friend. AWWWW.)


April is a psychology major at Carson Newman University.

April absolutely couldn’t have made it without:

  1. Extension cords and power strips. You don’t realize how many things you actually plug-in until you go to plug them all in at once!
  2. Shoe storage, will save you so much space! You can also fit miscellaneous items in the empty slots.
  3. make up mirror, you definitely won’t feel like doing your makeup in a community bathroom everyday.  Bonus points for one you can hold in bed for days when you’re really procrastinating.
  4. Pack some of your clothes in duffel bags so you’ll have them ready for trips home!
  5. Nice t-shirts and shorts, because you won’t feel like dressing up a week in.
  6. Essential oil diffuser. You can’t have candles in dorms, so the diffuser helps make the air smell like home.
  7. Curtain rod and curtains will go a long way in glitzing up your room.
  8. Basic kitchen supplies! Think disposable plates, bowls, and utensils.  It’s also handy to have an ice tray and can opener.
  9. Salt Rock, makes it feel homey.
  10. Mattress Topper
  11. Rug, but not in a light color! Buy a dark color that dirt won’t show up as well.
  12. Small vacuum.

I have the best friends! I’m so thankful for them sharing their dorm shopping advice. I hope this saves you a few trips to Walmart and Target on move in day! Stay tuned, because I am going to be bringing major dorm inspiration in the next few weeks!

XOXO Timelessly Trendy





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