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Ikea Haul – My First Visit Recap

I went to Ikea and spent less than $100.

A few weeks ago my older sister (who is a newlywed omg aw) called me and asked if I wanted to take a day trip to Ikea in Atlanta. She needed to pick up a dresser, and I agreed to go not really knowing what I was getting into. I had never been to Ikea before. I had heard about how marvelous it is, but it was way more than I was expecting.


First of all, it is massive. I do not know the exact square feet, because why would I? Just trust me when I say it is HUGE. There are all these rooms set up with Ikea furnishings with tags attached telling you where to find that item in the warehouse, which is also HUGE. This place is insane, I really do not know how else to say it. If you have gone to Ikea regularly your entire life, I apologize. I promise I will share my haul soon. I really just can’t get over how overwhelming it is. I loved it, but I do think it is funny to mention that every couple in Ikea was arguing. I get it. Furnishing your home together is a big choice, and honestly, it brings out your true colors.

Anyways, the reason you all clicked the link is to see my haul, right?

I should mention I went with only one thing on my list. However, this is not a place you can go and leave with only one thing.


This extremely cute doll bed that is literally for dolls,  but I have seen plenty of people using it for their pets. It is so cute there was no way I could resist picking it up for my kitty. She really loves it! So so so cute!



I saw this tray table in one of the rooms, and I really liked it. I am wanting to change up my bedroom, so I wanted it as a replacement for my nightstand. Unfortunately, it is a bit too short to be a nightstand. It worked out though, because it looks really nice in my living room! I picked up the blue, but I also really liked the dark green. You can’t beat the price!IMG_8354


(and my favorite) item of my haul was this dining room table.


O M G. We had already grabbed our items from the warehouse section and we were in the checkout line, when I laid eyes on this beauty. I have been using a card table in my dining room since I moved to college. LOOK. I am not proud of it, but it is college! No big deal! I rarely eat in my dining room, so it hasn’t been a priority. Anyways, this pretty table was marked down to $60! My sister encouraged me to buy it, so I added it to the cart. At checkout, it rang up as $30! I literally was so completely surprised. I am so proud of this purchase and the fact that I have a dining room table! Now, I am on the hunt for chairs. I promise it won’t take me as long to find them!

Unfortunately, it is not marked down online. If you live near an Ikea, I definitely recommend trying to find it in your store to see if it is marked down there.

I got all 3 items for around $70! Huge score!



My sister really needed a dresser, and had her eye on a specific one. Unfortunately, it was sold out when we got there. There was the same style dresser but longer instead of taller, so we decided to pick that up. Here’s the thing: we drove down in a hatchback sedan, so we were not sure it would fit. I guess we are risk takers (or we just wanted to get what we drove 3 hours for), because we decided we would make it work. AND WORK IT DID!? It fit in the car! HOWEVER, it would not fit with the dining room table. We spent close to 30 minutes in the 90 degree Atlanta heat trying to make it all fit in the car. We finally fit it all in like a puzzle and I literally jumped with joy I was so excited. I was not leaving without my $30 table!


Yes, I went once and now I am an expert.

Take inventory of what you need for your home and browse the website before you go.

Pay attention to the sale section. If I hadn’t, I would not have been blessed with the table.

Take pictures of the tags, so you can find everything easy in the warehouse.

Take coffee, you will need it.

Wear comfortable shoes. I walked a few miles around Ikea!


Let me know if you have ever been to Ikea! I couldn’t believe what I had been missing for 21 years!

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