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late to the party: neckerchief 

I’ve been totally loving the neckerchief trend since I first started seeing bloggers wear it earlier this year. However, I’m a big baby and was to afraid to try it. Yesterday I decided to try it, because if I like what I’m wearing what else matters? & it definitely helped my confidence that I got more comments from strangers yesterday on my look than I have in a long time!

The neckerchief is only sold in a pack online from Walmart, but in stores with the purses there are a variety of colors to chose from.. oh &they’re under a dollar. Is there any reason not to try this trend?

This has become my go-to tank top. It’s currently on sale from Old Navy for $9! Here is it in white, and if my willpower doesn’t kick in, the white one will be hanging in my closet by the end of the week. My Levi’s are from Belk, but I got bored in class one day and distressed them some more. Lol oops. They’re seriously my favorite jeans. I love the color, and they’re so comfy!

Queen of awkward posing. Seriously who is letting me be a blogger? It’s fine, I’m fine.

My tote bag is from Walmart! It’s only $9.97, and it’s reversible. Honestly, I thought it was too good to be true, but it’s holding up well so far! I really wanted a tote I could throw my camera, wallet, and bathing suit in this summer. However, I also wanted it to be able to take me from the pool to dinner dates and this does the trick.

My Jack Roger jellies are currently unavailable in navy, but I linked the cutest rainbow colored pair that I’m dying for. If you have wide feet like me, you need these jellies! They’re the only jacks that fit me, and I have two pairs now. I’m dying for these to be my third!
Ladies, when you want to try something, whether it be a new fashion trend or literally anything else, try it.  You never know how much you could love it!

Xoxo, Peytyn.



If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner. – Tallulah Bankhead


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