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Throwback to Senior Prom

Ahh, prom.

The dresses, the hair, the make up, the shoes, the jewelry, the clutch. It is easily one of my favorite times of the year.  Its your last hoorah of high school, senior prom is the best prom.

For this throwback Thursday, I’m throwing it back to Prom 2016, my senior prom with my very best friends.  I’m also offering some guidance and tips to all you lovely ladies with proms in the near future. I don’t miss high school often, but I would go back to prom in a heartbeat.

I’ll start the list off with six tips

1. You don’t need a boy to have fun at prom

In fact, you don’t even need a date! My junior year I went to prom with a sweet guy friend as my date. My senior year, I asked my best friend, April, to be my date. My junior prom was super fun, but I really had more fun going with my best friend senior year. Isn’t everything better with your best friend?

t-swift lyrics for the win

2. Get the dress you feel the most beautiful in

My junior year, I spent a day trying on tons of dresses.  It was a long day. I was exhausted. By the end of the day, I barely wanted to go to prom anymore. I decided to get the last dress I tried on, mostly because it was cheap.  I really didn’t feel beautiful in it! Luckily, I made up for it senior year.  I absolutely loved my dress, I will always look back on it with fond memories.IMG_5539

3. Make plans for after prom, and then make a back up plan

Junior year, the weather was awful! It rained all day, which really ruined a lot of my friends plans to go ride go-carts and other outdoor activities after prom.  Make sure you make your after prom plan & make a back up plan in case of weather or traffic!

4. Make plans for pre-prom pictures, and then make a back up plan

The same thing goes for prom pictures! We ended up having to take pictures under a pavilion at a park junior year.  Senior year, the weather was beautiful and we took our photos at a vineyard.  You, or someone in your group, probably know someone with a nice home to take prom pictures in, if it were to rain.  Honestly, the person you ask will probably be flattered you think their home is Instagram worthy.

5. Have someone you’ve researched do your makeup

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate my make up when someone does it for me.  It always seems to dark, or makes me look ghost like, or the eyeliner is too thick.  Senior year, I did my own makeup with a little help from my mom & April.  If you opt for someone to do your makeup look for you, make sure you look at the work they’ve done on others to make sure it is what you’re looking for.

Can we just talk about April’s lip color y’all? heart eye emoji!!!

6. Have photos of the look you’re going for

If you have any idea of what you want, Pinterest it, Facebook it, find it on Instagram.  Whether it be hair, makeup, dress, or photo idea; the internet has you covered.  + It’ll make it so much easier to show your getting ready crew your inspiration to get your desired look.


Back to my Senior Prom.

The theme was.. honestly, I can’t remember.  They picked the theme based off a song no one had heard’s lyrics.  I obviously wasn’t into it, but it wasn’t a significant ingredient in prom night anyways.

I started my prom day by having a glamorous breakfast of cinnamon toast crunch, and headed out to get my hair done.  I had already gotten my nails done a few days prior to prom, so I would have less to do on prom day and I wouldn’t risk the chance of smudging them last minute



After getting my hair done, I went with my mom to pick up my corsage. Although April was my date, we got our own corsages.  We originally had the bright idea of tying a croissant to our wrists with a hair tie, but we ran out of time on the idea.  It is a crying shame, because that was hilarious and I got hungry on the way to prom.

I got home, started on my makeup, and awaited the arrival of my hot date, April.  When she arrived, she and my mother helped me with the finishing touches of my make up.  I then pulled on my dress, got zipped up, and headed out the door.

We met the rest of our group at the vineyard, most of our groups moms drove them to take pictures and then I took them for the night. We took pictures for about an hour, from your typical prom pose to some of us blowing glitter.  I will cherish those photos forever. We then, hugged out parents, and headed off to prom.

Speaking of heading to prom, I traded my Honda Civic in for my pap’s blacked out Lexus for the day.  I drove a carful of beautiful ladies to prom, and they deserved to ride in style.IMG_5619.JPG

We got to prom and danced the night away, and then hit the road and headed to Knoxville for Cheesecake Factory. MMM. After we were embarrassingly full we went to play laser tag.  We were a bit early, so we had plenty of time to change out of our dresses and play arcade games until it was our turn.IMG_5648

We concluded the night with a sleepover at my dad’s with plenty of cheese puffs, fancy chocolate, and sparkling grape juice. What can I say? We’re good girls.

The next morning, we awoke sad that prom was over, and looking forward to graduation.  It is a night I will always cherish, with friends I will have forever.

happy prom ya’ll. xoxo.

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