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Good friday

I’m collaborating on this beautiful Good Friday with Livi Burke to give you all a look for spring!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in the south, it’s in the mid 80s in mid April. I’m already sweating like a pig everytime I walk outside, so this look is extra breezy.

I’m wearing this off the shoulder striped top from Target that was under $20. #swoon

Paired with my favorite pair of shorts from last year at target that look denim but are cotton 😍 so comfortable. Think jegging shorts.

Paired with my favorite black sandals from old navy and this purse from old navy. The sandals were $5 and the purse was $10.

Balling on a budget.

I hope you love the look, and be sure to check out the gorgeous Livi Burke‘s post for spring outfit inspiration, with your favorite Lilly dress! 

By timelesslytrendy

Marketing student, foodie, and fashion lover. Big fan of live music and romantic comedies.

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