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Buying a tan from the drugstore

Ever heard of how bad UV rays are on your skin? Yep, me too! They’re awful. But I feel so much more confident with a tan. What’s a girl to do?

I bought a bottle of Jergen’s Natural Glow Medium to Tan lotion and I am loving it! It’s pretty gradual,  but I like that because it’s harder to get streaky, which no one wants. It’s under $5 a bottle so it’s extremely affordable compared to a beauty store’s self tanner.

I, personally, apply this to my chest, arms, legs, and belly before bed right after I’ve taken a shower and shaven and exfoliated my body!

You want to make sure that you’ve shaved your legs (if you do shave), otherwise it can dye your leg hair darker. Exfoliating also helps to remove the dry skin and makes the lotion go on  smoother.

This is what the bottle looks like.

Right after applying, before bed.

The next morningday 3!

I recommend starting with the fair to medium before jumping into medium to tan if you’re fair skinned like me. I really think this is a great product for creating that gradual tan in time for Easter, spring weddings, and your first pool day!

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