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Grandma Chic & Incomplete

As a college blogger, I’m often getting asked about my dorm room and college essentials. Honestly the essentials are a whole different post (coming soon!), but today I’m gonna share about my “dorm room.”

Because I go to the same university as my brother, my parents figured it would be easier to get us our own shared place instead of paying room & board or rent for two people individually. Honestly, it’s really worked out. My brother is my best friend and our fights rarely amount to everything.. however, I don’t have a dorm! So instead of giving a dorm tour I’m giving y’all a townhouse tour.

Living room

Our living room furniture was acquired from a sweet older lady my mom worked for, and as you can see it is very floral. This was not an issue to me, as my friends are constantly telling me I have grandma taste. I added a little bit of boho flair to the room with this yarn art diy I made a few posts back! Our living room is super large, but because of our college budget it’s incomplete. We still haven’t acquired a tv, barstools, an area rug, curtains, or a coffee table.. but we have the essentials. College living = a work in progress! 
Kitchen & dining

Our kitchen is so adorable to me with its painted orangy brown cabinets. It has a personality of its own. Our appliances aren’t updated & it’s nothing fancy, but it’s perfect for whipping up frozen pizza and hamburger helper! My dishtowl is from Target and my other accents are from Walmart (the spoon holder is from The Pioneer Woman). I want to get some sticker decorative wall art to put above the oven, but I haven’t found any I really like yet.

We have a dining room, but right now our table is a card table with folding chairs. I didn’t lie y’all. The place is incomplete. Definitely makes me take advantage of all the comfort when I go home. The tablecloth is from walmart & the candy dish is The Pioneer Woman. I definitely will be getting a dining room table, curtains, and some nice art for this room too in the future, but we have the basics for now.

My bedroom

My pride & joy of the home!!! Just kidding, kinda. This room is complete with a baby pink bedding set from target, it’s super comfy and is a great dupe for one from Anthro. My throw rug is a sweater knit by Threshold from Target. My home is where the heart is throw pillow is from Target, and my Lilly Pulitzer pillow was gifted. The steamers tassel above my bed is from target.. & my light out curtains are from Target. See a trend here? Haha.

Because we balling on a budget, I made my nightstand with two crates and gray chalkboard paint. This is all over Pinterest! It goes great with my gray chalkboard painted bed. 

My desk is from.. target. I can’t throw y’all off. I’m in love with target. I don’t care who knows it. I also use this as a vanity with my great mirror my mom got me for Christmas. It works great. The desk comes with “shelf” for the top, but it was the perfect size for my little basket from Target to fit into, and I think it’s way cuter that way.  Back with the incomplete trend, I am using a folding chair as a desk chair for now. Of course, I am going to be upgrading that soon too. I also want to put a pin board above my desk. 

Last, but not least, I have a thrifted dresser used as a tv stand. My mom asked if I wanted to paint it, but honestly, I love the pop of yellow in my room.  And of course, I’m watching gossip girl. 
That’s all for my home tour! As you can see, nothing is completely completed, and that’s the beauty of college living. You acquire as you go, and you stay on the prowl for finds. I’ll definitely update y’all when I feel my little place is complete!

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