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Snow YAY

Here in East Tennessee snow is something we flip over. We head to the store, buy every ingredient for chili, milk, bread.. we are not going to get hungry when we can’t make it to the store in our little blizzards 😉

We know we’re ridiculous, it’s just the way we’re raised in the south. We go sledding in an inch of snow, and head up to gatlinburg every chance we get to play in the man made snow at Ober. It’s in our blood. You love it or you hate it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today I’m sharing all of my favorite outfit pieces for a snow day. Like I said, our snow comes one or two times a year, if it comes at all. We layer up, but most of us don’t have snow suits laying around the house. I know most of y’all are the same way! So I’m sharing what I use to keep me warm, and hoping you can use some of my ideas too!

my favorite essentials. I would stake my life on any of these items. You need them and I need a spare!

Let’s start with the actual attire. This Patagonia is layered over several t shirts, but what can I say! I stay warm. Pictured underneath are my holy grail LC Lauren Conrad for Khol’s leggings. I don’t shop at Kohl’s often, but i grab a pair every time I go in. I live in these all winter long.

Of course, who could play in the snow without boots?! These ll bean boots are perfect for playing in the snow! Ll bean is such a good brand, but I’ll be totally honest.. I like my sperry duck boots so much more! Much comfier on my wide feet.. just something to keep in mind.

gloves. These. Gloves. I am head over heels all about these gloves. I’ve always wanted fingerless gloves, and my boyfriend’s sweet momma got me these for Christmas. They’re Steve Madden and can be pulled over for mittens! Perfect for taking pictures in the snow or driving in the cold air. I’m obsessed.

I love Krochet Kids! What can be better than a company that krochets the cutest things and helps people all around the world? Seriously love this  earmuff headband I got a few years ago from them. It’s held up so well!

This is my favorite book! You’ll laugh, you’ll smirk, and you’ll relate. Such an easy read by one of my favorite ladies. Add your favorite pair of fuzzy socks and a seat by the window and you’re all set for a great snow day. 💗

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