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an October summer look

It is October 18th, or so they say. It’s hard to believe them when it actually feels like hell outside and the thermostat reads 90°. Nevertheless, I’m determined to dress for my favorite season. Fall, just know how much I love you.

Today I wore a t shirt dress that has already been featured on here many times. As Lizzie McGuire once said, “I may be an outfit repeater, but you’re an outfit rememberer which is just as pathetic.” I have to agree.

As I’ve mentioned I want to dress for fall. Nothing screams fall like a flannel right? I’m all about pattern mixing, so I paired the stripes and plaid and wore them together. My brother said he hates it, but I love it so what else matters? 😜

I paired this with a diy choker that I made with my friend, Angelique. It’s literally leather wrap tied around my neck, an exact dupe for an $8.99 version at forever 21 (mine cost less than $3 to make!)

I paired this all with my favorite pair of black booties from belk last year. Funny story, I was looking for a new pair of brown booties a few weeks ago, and found the cutest pair! I took them home and set them beside these in my closest. Turns out I bought the same pair in brown without even realizing it! 😂 typical me. They’re slowly making their way to the top of my most worn shoes, but I doubt they’ll ever catch up to these babies. 

The brand is sugar and they’re so affordable at under $40. Not to mention they’re as comfy on my wide feet as tennis shoes!

That completes today’s look. Now here’s to praying for some 60° temps to come soon!

By timelesslytrendy

Marketing student, foodie, and fashion lover. Big fan of live music and romantic comedies.

One reply on “an October summer look”

It’s still pretty hot here in MS too, this is a great way to still incorporate fall pieces without burning up!!
xo, Syd


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